Our Story

nineteen28 transpired from, a love of communication and a massive passion about the compelling effects that derive from the use of a more holistic and plant based lifestyle.

Our business stems from a life long passion and belief  that by introducing alternative therapy into our daily lives it can be a positive feature to aide us to enjoy a positive mental, physical , social and spiritual well being.


We are aware of the responsibility that we have to improve ourselves and our surroundings by living life, the natural way.


The exposure we have, has enabled us to be resolute in our goals so as to ceaselessly, educate and influence on the positive impact and possibilities that CBD, Hemp and Plants along with a spiritual awareness can have on improving our civilization. These natural plant substances with their benefits and impressive results need to be more accessible for everyone to enjoy.

We are continually trying to improve our services so we can offer a first-class service that can assist, aide and educate. We believe in constantly supporting and connecting people, with earnest integrity and warmth. 

nineteen28 strives to ensure that everything we do benefits everyone we are connected to and  we chooses to use this platform to enlighten, inspire and educate, whilst tending to all our customers different needs, requirements and desires.


Cathedral thinking is at the very essence of nineteen28, it's our long term goal to continually support, connect and promote for the legal use of CBD/Hemp in its many forms. We are focused on ensuring that the Hemp plant is affordable, accessible and available for everyone to experience the amazing benefits that can be gained from this truly amazing  plant.


There are many natural plants out there that have beneficial  qualities, but for us the Hemp plant is possibly one of the most important plants on the planet. This mother plant is thought to be one of the first to be domestically cultivated dating back thousands of years. This magical plant has various effective qualities that could prosper the planet and human life in so many ways, from being used in food, bio fuels, medicine, materials and to reduce or even replace the use of  paper and plastics and so much more...

With our carbon footprint growing at an increasing rate, the encouragement of passing legislation for the cultivation of Hemp and the normalizing of Marijuana Laws is more fundamental than ever and the Hemp Plant could be the saviour of the environment and humanity, restoring a regeneration of harmonic balance. We believe Hemp could be the possible solution to reversing climate change  as its rough, powerful arrangement, which can be seen as actively removing carbon from the atmosphere due to the plant absorbing CO2 admissions as it grows.

We believe that Hemp could be the secret ingredient towards sustainable farming, this theory was tested by  hundreds of farmers in Puglia, Italy (2011). Their results on planting Hemp in polluted fields near a huge steel plant, showed the rejuvenation of exhausted soils and farmers already able to harvest hemp for industrial use.

This plant, is essential  to our very survival and that's why here at nineteen28, we are great believers in its collaboration with the environment  and are advocates for the cultivation of the Hemp plant, so it can be recognised for its true potential. Doug Fine, author (2014) a Hemp seed oil researcher; Hemp Bound: Dispatches from the Front Lines of next Agricultural Revolution, calls it The "Hemp Renaissance". He asks for the revival and come back of the Hemp plant. Delivering these ideals could be the answer for restoring the natural balance that should exist  between ourselves and our environment in which we live.

By acknowledging the positive effects Hemp can have on our physical, mental and spiritual well-being, as well as its ability to bring a natural balance between humanity and the environment we can find resolution. This plant establishes, its self as the complete environmental and agricultural rescuer which is needed to ensure the regeneration of growth and the enrichment of our planet for the future generations to come.

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