Will CBD cure/treat me?

Due to current legislations and regulations by MHRA and FDA we are unable to recommend any CBD products for treatment or diagnosis of any medical ailments or conditions. As we cannot pass on any medical health claims we would suggest you contact a qualified medical practitioner. We would also suggest that you do some extensive research in this area which is widely available online along with speaking to those that have already incorporated the natural benefits of CBD into their daily routine.

- You can find further information referring to CBD, on our what is CBD page.

Which Product is right for me to use?

Choosing what CBD products are right for you will depend on your own personal CBD needs and wants. You would have to take into consideration that everyone's tolerance will vary, along with your preferred means of consumption and your own desired CBD quantities.

- For further information on what products are right for you, check our website page on what to consider before buying and our page on methods and dosages.

Can I use CBD on my dog?

The CBD and Hemp products we sell are not available for use of consumption on pets. The legislation of the FDA states that oils cannot be labelled for use of humans and pets. Although some pet owners have suggested that CBD supplements can stop seizures and treat/ease pain. There is no scientific data that the use CBD  or confirmed proof of this. Our advice would be to contact your veterinary clinic with your concerns and queries.

What is the difference between Hemp and CBD? 

CBD oil uses the whole plant in its entirety whilst hemp oil derives and is produced from it seeds. Hemp oil is often referred to as hemp seed oil, whereas CBD oil is formed from a variety of parts including stalks and flowers that derive from the mature hemp plant.

- For further information on the above check out our pages on CBD and Hemp.